The Other Wind is the sixth book and fifth novel in the Earthsea series. Alder, a troubled sorcerer who dreams of the Wall in the Dry Land and his love reaching out for him, seeks out Ged on Gont and tells him of his troubling dreams. Ged tries to comfort him and in the end, gave Alder a cat pet. Ged then sent Alder to Havnor to have them figure out what might be happening with the Living and the Dead and why certain things are happening.

Alder arrives during a very troubling time for the new King Lebannen of Havnor, Ruler of the Archipalego, as he is dealing with dragons in the west taking back the land they owned once before, and the Kargs in the east, when a marriage proposal set forth by High King Thol for his daughter, Seserakh, to marry Lebannen as his people demand to have heirs to the kingdom, knowing that if he refused her, she would be killed. He has called Tehanu and Tenar, and asked for Ged, but Ged stayed on Gont.

Meanwhile, Tenar begins to wonder if she'll ever be with her husband with Tehanu clinging onto her for support. She also wanted to talk with the princess, who even did not reveal her name to the king. Soon finding out that the princess  believes that if she says her name to him, he will steal her soul like a Sorcerer would. Tenar comforts her and convinces her to learn Hardic.

Alder is finally ready to meet the king and they try to figure out the meaning of his dreams. The night before, many of the people gathered to meet with Alder had dreamt of the Dry Lands and the wall, but Lebannen remembered it and Tosla did not dream. He asked Tehanu two questions: Who are those who go to the dry lands? And Will a dragon cross the wall of stone?

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