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Roke is an Island where Ged began his wizard education. There, he meets Vetch and Jasper, who are important characters in the story.

The only school for wizards in Earthsea is on Roke Island. It was founded hundreds of years prior to Ged's arrival on Roke by both wizards and witches, though in Ged's time only wizards are allowed at the school. The school is located in the town Thwil, near the Immanent Grove and Roke Knoll.


Roke was the second island created by Segoy. Within the Immanent Grove, the foundations of the world were placed. Should it fall so shall the world.

During the Dark Years, it was ruled by the witches and wizards of the Hand. However the lords of Wahort felt threatened by them and raided the island, enslaving most of the men. The only survivors were those who hid in the Immanent Grove. Several years later a young man named Merda found the island and with the Hand founded the school of wizards in order to bring stability to Earthsea. A wizard from Havnor attempted to destroy the school but their power was too great now and the fleet could not even find the island.


  • Thwil
  • Roke Knoll
  • Immanent Grove