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Otaks are creatures that exist only in the world of Earthsea. One was found by Ged in his journey back from the tower.

An interpretation of an Otak by an unknown source. It may look too feline to be a creature from Earthsea, but a good interpretation nonetheless.

It is said that the rare creature eats only mice and small insects, and in appearance is small and furry. Ged himself has a familiar Otak when on Roke. They are thought to be little, aggressive pets with bad tempers. It was an unusual occurrance for Ged's Otak to trust him, because wild Otaks tend not to stay around humans, but avoid them. Because of the rarity of these little creatures, they are only known to inhabit four islands in the Earthsea Archipelago. Those islands are Roke, Ensmer, Pody and Wathort.

Because the creatures named Otaks are relatively small, they can easily be caught and overpowered. They are not usually known as human, or wizard, lovers, but it is also unknown whether they are caught and eaten by them too. If one was to guess, they could be prey to dragons, but it is unlikely because of their small size.