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Ogion was a powerful wizard of Gont, famous for having once stopped an earthquake from devastating the island.

Ogion was born in Gont Port. His father, a longshoreman, died in an earthquake when Ogion was seven or eight. His mother was a cook at a waterfront in. His mother sent him to prentice with Elassen, a sorcerer in Valmouth after is got into some sort of trouble. In Valmouth, Ogion learned carpentry and farmwork. Elassen paid Ogion's way to Roke. Ogion trained in the Roke school for two or three years before returning to Gont, where he studied under Dulse in Re Albi. Once earning his staff from Dulse, he moved back to Gont Port, where he rose to fame for having stopped an earthquake. When Dulse died, Ogion moved into Dulse's house in Re Albi.

Ogion learned of Ged after the boy protected his village from an army of Kargs. He gave Ged his true name, then trained him for a short while before sending him to Roke to study magic. When Ged brought Tenar to Gont, Ogion trained her for a little while before she moved away. He died of old age, and told Tenar his true name at the time of his death.


In A Wizard of Earthsea he is described as “a dark man, like most Gontishmen, dark copper-brown; grey-haired, lean and tough as a hound, tireless. He spoke seldom, ate little, slept less.”