Hort Town is a main town of Wathort, and is one of the seven great ports of the Archipilago.

It is featured more prominently in the 2004 film based loosely on the Earthsea books, in which the sorcerer Hare is known to reside in Hort Town.
Earthsea01 hortown

Hortown in the 2004 film


In the 2004 film, it is a large, port past its prime which specialises in the slave trade, which is monopolised by Lord Cob. It has a crowded and hectic marketplace with a great dome, perhaps a temple It is a few miles away from Gondor, and has a typically sunny climate.


In the 2004 film, nearly all of the population constitutes of retired or expelled magicians, who used to sell tricks and spells, which at a point of time, made up the town's primary industry. Then, magic fell into decline with the events of the Farthest Shore, and Cob was the only wizard who retained his powers.

These magicians, shamed and spat upon, were forced to resort to hypocrisy and trickery to sell their goods. Magic and good fell into decline, as local trade spurted forth the "Haziah" drug cartels. Counterfeit silk and clothing was mass-produced during this time.