Hardic is a fictional language in the Earthsea series of short stories and novels by Ursula K. Le Guin. One of three languages spoken in Earthsea, along with Karg / Kargish and Osskili, it is remotely descended from the Old Speech (the language of magic). It is the mother tongue of nearly all characters in the books, including Ged. According to A Description of Earthsea, there are as many dialects of Hardic as there are islands. The language is written using a runic system about which little is known.


From the limited words of Hardic given in the Earthsea books, it is known to have the following phonemes:

  bilabial dental alveolar velar glottal
plosive pb   t d k g  
nasal m   n    
rhotic     r    
fricative   θ s z   h
lateral approximant     l    


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